Welcome to Learn-Chat!

Provide all your students with equitable access to the latest in AI technology. We bridge the gap in educational resources, ensuring no student is left behind in the Age of AI.

What makes us special

Learn-Chat is designed to help educators incorporate AI like ChatGPT into their existing classes. Because it isn't fair to expect students to all pay $20/month for a subscription to ChatGPT, we make it possible for schools and teachers to provide an equitable solution designed for teaching and learning.

AI-Driven Curriculum Units

Explore our diverse AI-driven curriculum units, designed for subjects ranging from entrepreneurship to coding. Each unit is crafted with specific learning objectives, making AI an integral part of your teaching toolkit.

Teacher Monitoring and Guidance

Our platform ensures transparency and guidance in the learning process. Teachers can view student interactions with AI, providing necessary support and feedback to enhance learning outcomes.

Integration with Google Classroom

Easily sync with Google Classroom, allowing seamless management of assignments and student progress. Our platform complements your existing classroom setup for a smooth teaching experience.

Customizable AI Assistants

Tailor the AI experience to fit your classroom's needs. Teachers can create and edit AI prompts, making learning more focused and relevant. Share these customized assistants via links, and track how students engage and learn.

Privacy and Security

Privacy is our priority. Through the use of the OpenAI API, all interactions remain confidential, ensuring student data is protected and not shared with external parties.

Getting Started

Join us in revolutionizing classroom learning. Get started with Learn-Chat.com and bring the power of AI into your teaching. Our platform is designed for ease of use, ensuring you can focus on what matters most - teaching.